Al-Shabaka Policy Brief Amal Ahmad

The Customs Union and Israel’s No-State Solution

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Al-Shabaka Commentary
Nadia Hijab
Diana Buttu

PLO/Palestine: Time to Stop Buying Time

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Al-Shabaka Policy Brief Nora Lester Murad

Donor Complicity in Israel's Violations of Palestinian Rights

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Al-Shabaka Commentary Randa Farah

What Forces Shape the Palestinians of Gaza?

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After Gaza, What Price Palestine’s Security Sector?

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Sabrien Amrov,
Alaa Tartir

The Palestinian Authority’s security sector has grown faster than any other part of the government, potentially putting Palestine on track to a police state. With the unity government moving into Gaza after Israel’s terrible 51-day assault, Al-Shabaka Policy Member Sabrien Amrov and Program Director Alaa Tartir call for the urgent need to reform the donor-driven “reform” of a sector that only serves Israel’s colonization project. Read the policy brief or the executive summary.

Media & Outreach

23 October 2014
Analysis by Victor Kattan

In Victor Kattan's analysis, it's premature for Palestinians to approach the International Criminal Court (ICC), in order to end Israel's occupation. Instead, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) should be asked by the UN General Assembly for an advisory opinion on the legal responsibilities of states to do it. This would circumvent a United States veto as well as the U.S. Congress's retaliation.

16 October 2014
Opinion by Nadia Hijab

"Britain’s House of Commons and the prime minister of Sweden recognized a Palestinian state in order to support Palestinian rights … European recognition of a Palestinian state could well pressure Israel to behave in accordance with international law. But whatever the ultimate outcome, one state or two, you can’t go wrong with rights."